Amazon Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars

The Science
NASA photo of 1.75 billion year old
nuclear reactors.

Scientists call the nuclear reactors at Oklo "natural." But then, what else can they call them?

The Story
  When you remember living before you were born, where can your memories take you?

"Excellent sci-fiction book, enjoyed the characters and the writing. It really put me there, wonderful journey!"
- chris g - Amazon Reviewer



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That Girl

    They crawled through the dark attic to where a faint light came up through a small hole in the floor. The girl’s face loomed in the grayish glow. She jabbed one finger at it. He put his eye to the hole and peered into the room below.
   The man he had given the envelope to sat at a computer, reading a manual. The manual must be what I delivered to him, Otero thought. He remembered the dire warnings that couriers could not know what they carried. Angel had told him, "Some people would never let you leave if you knew."
   The monitor displayed a drawing. Oddly, it looked familiar. Looking up, he mouthed, "Computer," at the girl. His face expressed, "So what?"
   She pulled a folded piece of paper from her pocket and watched him closely as she spread it open above the faint light to show a drawing like the one on the computer.
   Returning to the bell tower, he studied the drawing in the light and remembered where he had seen it before: in an old magazine in his father's library.
   The girl watched his face. "You've seen that?"
   "Yeah. But what is it?"
   "A map. We have to go there."
   "We? Me? Why me?"
   She sighed. "No one in Vona can help me."
   No. He opened his mouth to refuse, but her pleading expression, set in soft, feminine features, said his life had just changed. "A map of what?" he grinned, "And who are you, anyway?"


Amazon Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars

"...this book encourages me to read more sci-fi - hoping that what I come across will be as convincing and as good."
   Most impressive is the invention of a complete cosmology and history of the earth's evolution, which (within the world created by the book) comes across as totally plausible. In the mix we get villains who are more complex than the average push-a-button-destroy-the-world type and a situation which includes life and death struggles alongside moral dilemmas.
 - Curtis Bausse - Author of the Magali Rousseau detective stories

"The author has a sure hand and a fine grasp of a wide variety of subjects, from digital age technology to wilderness survival to the correct way to hold a knife in a knife-fight."
- Atthys Gage - Author of Whsper Blue

"A great fast read. Titillating without being vulgar. A great teen or preteen read since they can identify with the characters."
- Mary A - Amazon Reviewer

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